What is Trompe-l’oeil?

So, what is trompe-l’oeil?  I’m lead to believe it’s pronounced “tromp loy” with a nice french accent of course ;-)

Trompe-l’oeil is an art term to describe a painting that appears to be in 3D. It’s a french word of course and translates to loosely mean “fool the eye”.

Very hard to achieve and very technical to paint. Here are some examples for you to marvel at:-

Ciaran Brennan an Irish artist (sometimes residing in Wexford) decided to take it to the extreme and paint his own home for a party.

“Painted this optical illusion for a party we have at our house each year”, says Artist Ciaran Brennan.

Imagine walking down the street to find this building – you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d had one too many glasses of wine the night before. But in 2007, in Paris, the 39GeorgeV Building was given a renovation and this facade of manipulated photos sat over a scaffold hiding the renovating been done.


Trompe-l’œil the 39GeorgeV building in Paris in 2007


Street paintings or mostly chalk drawings always fascinate me. And this by Edgar Mueller in no exception.



Edgar Müller does it again with a Tromp-Lóeil transforming a pier into an amazing Crevasse in Germany.

And more chalk street art by Anamorfosis de Eduardo Relero.


Eduardo Relero from Argentina draws amazing 3d street art.


And this by Julian Beever looks so real that people walk around it all day.


Artist Julian Beever creates a scene with this trompe-l’oeil.


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