The Art of Book Folding

Book Folding – yes it is an art.

Random thoughts sometimes get me totally side tracked.

I was feeling a little restless (ok a lot – I was on an edge and the other side was not looking fun), and felt the need to do something artsy (a feeling I often get). It suddenly struck me that I had a stack of old magazines that we had collected from a friend who was throwing them out.

I had not had time to read them and given the stack of books I have on my bedside table to read, could not see it ever happening; and given space is a premium when living in a motorhome, I thought it would be good to do something with them.

So I did what everyone does now – Google it.

After finding a few lame creations (well I thought they were lame, obviously the creators thought they were fab so I should not judge but in my opinion they were lame and this is MY blog so I’m allowed to have that opinion), I stumbled across some book art. This lead to 4 1/2 hours on the internet, mesmerized by book folding, and other book arts.

Book folding… what the? Yes, well that was my initial reaction. The best way to explain is to show you some pics.


Blue Diamonds full

The above images a courtesy of Heather Eddy from an absolute book folding powerhouse. Heather has heaps of designs she shares on her site, and patterns though you probably need to buy her book to figure out how to use them. This site helped me no end in my pursuit to create a folded book.

Another inspirational book folder is artist Nicholas Jones (, who currently resides in Melbourne. He also tends to do some book carving (something I will attempt in coming weeks) and his work looks more art rather than craft.



So I went to the local 2nd hand shop but they were less than helpful but I do concede they did give me the address of “Paper Chain” Mackay’s local book exchange and they were delightful.

I got a box of 20 dubiously titled paperbacks for $2 and a set of Encyclopedias that were being dumped – after all who needs them now we have the internet and given our advancements in so many areas much of the info is wrong or at best out of date.

I set about feverishly folding (and I mean feverishly – like a possessed mad woman) thinking I had found my new ‘passion’. For two whole days I folded; And as per usual I burnt myself out – I really need to learn to pace myself.

Here are my results



I admit to being pretty happy with them. I need to be a bit more accurate with each fold but overall I think they look good.

Good Bits

  • Easy to start.
  • Cheap to start.
  • Easy to get a basic result.
  • If you could master some “pretty” folds I think these could sell well and this could be a profitable craft.

Bad Bits

  • Mundane once you figure out your fold (though could be therapeutic).
  • Tiring on the wrists (but maybe that’s because I did 8 hours straight).
  • There are some tricks for the more arty ones that I’m still to discover.

Paperbacks not so good. Paper not good quality and binding lets go easy. Hard covers better.

Yes, I will do some more. I’d like to try and fold some pages into words but not just today.
And I want to have a go at cutting and then carving – I can see that being more of an art challenge.

Smile Because
Lisa Jo