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Hello Again,

Travelling around Australia gives us the amazing opportunity to meet new people and see heaps of different stuff. And I love writing about it and sharing. So I’d encourage you to join us on our adventure (and occasional misadventure).


Letters to Home

Letters to Home

The first way to stay in touch is to get a copy of my “regularly irregular” or should that be “irregularly regular” letters to home.

I write approximately once a month about our adventures; who we’ve met; what we’ve done; my latest artworks; other artists… anything really.

So let’s swap emails (lisa-e ) and you can get my “Letters to Home”.



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Love it or Hate it – it’s a great way to stay in touch.

So find me at

Where I post daily quotes about art, smiling and anything else that takes my fancy. Along with pics of my art, other’s art, and our travels. Plus you will receive FB only specials and updates.



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Love, love, love using Pinterest. If you have not discovered it, it’s like having a pin board on your office wall where you pin news clippings and photos of everything you like or need to remember. Except it’s online and you can have as many pinboards as you like.

Anyway follow me on Pinterest at