Is Art Screwed?

 Screw Art
(no, I’m not being rude, it’s art made from screws)

The humble screw, of which there are probably hundreds in your home has now been transformed into incredible works of art.

Andrew Meyers’s artwork is described as “Distinct. Expressive. Tactile.” his use of screws to create portraits is as amazing as it is time consuming. Imagine screwing in all those screws to precisely the correct depth and position.

Portrait of his sister

Andrew depicts the portrait of his sister using approximately 10,000 screws, oil paint, and telephone book pages.


ndrew Myers at work.



The details of these “paintings” is amazing.


It looks like an ordinary collared shirt on a hanger but is actually constructed from thousands of screws



Close up of the screws in the arm of the shirt

I love this collard shirt he created, and this close up gives you a great look at the details.



Close up of the screws in the collar of the shirt



Panels of art made with screws in abstract
And for some fun here is some of Andrew’s abstract screw art – loving the shapes and colours.


Mosaic artist, Saimir Strati, is the Guinness World Record artist with 7 records to his name. He creates super sized artworks using unusual items like screws…

Artist Saimir looks at his completed artwork of a dollar bill all done with screws.


Showing the artist Saimir using a drill to add more screws to the artwork


For the 2010 Guinness World Record Day, he used over 350,000 screws to complete the world’s  largest screw mosaic


Stay Happy

Lisa Jo