Thoughts of a Pixie by Lisa Jo
ThoughtsOfAPixie-c4-lisajoartThoughtsOfAPixie-c3-lisajoartThoughtsOfAPixie-c2-lisajoartClose up of Thoughts of a Pixie

Thoughts of a Pixie

Who knows what a Pixie may think of!

But if I could map out a Pixie’s thoughts I reckon they’d look something like this ;-)


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Product Description

Techie Bits

“Thoughts of a Pixie” is ready to hang on your wall now. Being painted on pre-mounted canvas means you don’t need to buy a frame.

The painting continues around the 1.8cm frame for a continuous look.

The canvas is secured with a double row of staples on the back of the canvas – so you can’t see the staples when it’s hung.

Before I even started to apply paint, I coated the canvas with two layers of primer to seal the surface. And, to ensure a quality finish, I left “Thoughts of a Pixie” dry for several weeks before signing and varnishing. My signature is discretely in the bottom right corner; done in such a way to allow you to position this abstract as you like.

71.1cm x 50.8cm (28″ x 20″) and 1.8cm (0.7″) thick.

The internal, kiln dried, paulownia wood frame is 1.8cm x 3.8cm.

The canvas is made of 380gsm, acid free, pure cotton duck

Acrylic paints; mediums and varnish

Hand Painted Original Painting by Lisa Jo

Additional Information

Dimensions 71.1 x 50.8 x 1.8 cm

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