Methylene Blue Print by Lisa Jo

Molecular Methylene Blue

It must be a throw back to my days of studying biological science but this painting reminds me of the remarkably images I used to see of cells under the microscope.

In order to see parts of the cells more clearly, scientists use a stain and one which I remember as a student was Methylene blue. It was used to make the nuclei (the centre part of a cell) more visible.

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Product Description

From my experimental “Molecular” series of paintings, “Molecular Methylene Blue” displays remarkable cell like structures. And so the inspiration for the name of this painting.

An ideal painting for any room that needs a cooling touch of blue. I can see this print taking pride of place in a beach house with it’s quite wave like feel adding to the serenity.

And just as my past experience in science has shaped my path in art, may “Molecular Methylene Blue” remind you that “You are not defined by your past; Just prepared by your past”.

Techie Bits

Once again my printing elves have done a spectacular job in reproducing an exact copy of my original painting. This giclee print (fine art reproduction) is of archival quality and you can discover the details and size options here in my quick guide.