ForbiddenPink-P-c5-lisajoartForbiddenPink-P-c4-lisajoartForbiddenPink-P-c3-lisajoartForbiddenPink-P-c2-lisajoartDetail of Forbidden Pink by Lisa Jo Art

Molecular Forbidden Pink

“Beautiful” is such an overused word but it’s the word that comes to mind every time I think of “Molecular Forbidden Pink”. As an artist I love all my paintings (the ones I share ;-) but this one is especially dear to me.

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Product Description

From my “Molecular” series of paintings, where I explore the phenomenon of ‘hydrodynamic instability’ (fluid movement). This is a highly experimental way to paint with often unexpected results but when I get it right, it produces amazing cell like paintings just like “Forbidden Pink”.

A fabulous conversation starter to hang on your lounge room wall, its haunting beauty will have everyone pondering how it was created and what they think it looks like.

My wish to you is that “Molecular Forbidden Pink” brings a sense of joy to your day just as it does to mine.

Techie Bits

You might think that the original painting of “Molecular Forbidden Pink” is highly textured but surprisingly it is NOT. It is perfectly flat with all the dimensions coming from colour shading. This means that this print is exactly the same as the original.

Available in several sizes on different materials – check out the picture guide to the sizes and formats for you here.