Print of Astral Strawberry Nebula by Lisa Jo Art
AstralStrawberryNebula-c4-lisajoartAstralStrawberryNebula-c3-lisajoartAstralStrawberryNebula-c2-lisajoartClose up of Astral Strawberry Nebula Print by Lisa Jo Art

Astral Strawberry Nebula

The instant I painted “Astral Strawberry Nebula”, I loved it and just knew I had to reproduce it as a fine-art print.

Astral is the series name; from the galaxy of dots and circles I created with a thick paste before the colour magic happened. Strawberry due to the gorgeous shades of pink and the bursts of white. Finally Nebula which is a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky indistinct bright patch – which I thought fitted quite well.

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Product Description

“Strawberry Nebula” is a distinctive painting with unique patterns; and patterns within patterns. The more you look the deeper you will see!

A fabulous talking point and a painting to meditate and relax by.

Techie Bits

This Fine Art Reproduction Print is professionally printed by a dedicated team of printing elves ;-) in NSW, Australia. First they scanned in my original painting using state-of-the-art scanners; then carefully colour checked to ensure all was perfect; before finally printing it on the latest in commercial printers.

Archival inks are used on the Professional grade 192gsm Epson Enhanced Matte Paper. (In independent studies by Wilhelm Image Research reveal that this paper has tested light fast under glass for between 71 and 110 years.)

The original painting was done with acrylics and the slight texture of dots and circles has been so accurately reproduced that none of the ‘energy’ of the original is lost in the printing.

Each print is printed so that they fit within standard frames and are printed with a white boarder for easy framing – for details you can check the picture guide here.