My Travel Dream – Part 1

It’s been my dream for about the past 10 years to travel around Australia. The “how” or “what” – how will we live; what will we survive on; what will we drive; what will we do – was never really discussed. It was just a dream I had to “Travel Australia”.

I’m not sure when I first got the idea nor why – it was just always in the back of my mind. And we’d had a few false starts over the years but never really getting serious.

So in about September 2010 when Neil mentioned now might be a good time; I jumped on the opportunity and was on Google before he even finished his sentence.

Many people are “doing it” right now; mostly a bit older than Neil and I but we decided not to wait any longer.

And once we started searching for a vehicle I knew we had made the right decision – so many ads were for vehicles that were been sold because “lost license too old”, “got to old”, “illness”, “partner died” etc etc.
van1-300x164Now part of me would just like to get an old “kombi” van throw a mattress in the back and hit the open road. Take life as it comes…
Now if this were a movie the screen would warble, that shaky music would start and I would drift off into day dream world.

We could cruise along the highway, windows wound down, the breeze in our hair, looking lovingly into each others eyes on the road to somewhere.

We commune with nature marveling at the Wedge Tail Eagles flight and the mob of kangaroos grazing on the side of the road.

We meet interesting folk along the way, discover new ways of looking at our world and get to sample the local cuisine.

And we get to live by our wits, coming up with ingenious ways to raise revenue and survive…

Hmmm sounds perfect – until…

Until we hit our first hill. I scream at Neil it would be quicker to “get out and walk” and I can lip read what the truckie, that suddenly looms in our rear vision mirror is saying – and I’m not repeating it here.

Until nature takes its revenge on us for eating steak last night and the ants invade the kombi not leaving until they’ve eaten our last crumb.
Until that hitchhiker, Neil just picked up looks remarkably like Ted Bundy and keeps talking about his knife collection.

Until our fellow campers offer to cook us dinner with something that looks amazingly like the road kill we passed 10 miles down the road earlier in the day.

Until we run out of cash, can’t find work and the only ingenious ways I can think to get any money will result in a stint in the big house.

So NO! As romantic and as easy as that would have been – I had to be more realistic. Mind you over the coming 18months it took us to “get ready” there was many a time that dream sounded inviting.

BUT alas, I know, that that is not me.

I could handle camping in a kombi for about a week and then I would really start to feel feral and would long for something a bit more civilized. I like adventure and all but the idea of not being able to afford to put fuel in the van or picking up a long haired hippy off the side of the road is just not the life for me.

So, stay tuned for the next chapter.

Smile Because
Lisa Jo :-)