Exhibition Announcement – Bowral 4th July

Excited, a little nervous and very busy preparing for my first solo art exhibition!

The paints been flying (literally) as I create enough paintings for an my art exhibition to be held at 10K Paces Gallery in Bowral NSW, on the 4th July.

Closeup of one of my new Paintings

A section of one of my Cell like painting which will feature in the exhibition.


On the 4th July at the 10K Paces Gallery (Springetts Arcade, 302 Bong Bong St) Bowral, NSW I will release my latest works. A progression from my current fluid paintings these paintings are constructed of thousands of little cells or bubbles of colour.


Invited to 10K Paces Gallery

Your Invited.


Some look remarkable like cells under a microscope; others appear to be precious unique bubbles whilst others look more like fantasy flowers. If you look closely at some of my current work you can sometimes find a hint of these cells already there and this is something that has fascinated me and taken a year or so to perfect the technique.

Some of the exhibition paintings will highlight my continued fascination for blending primary colours and can be described as bold and exciting – these look fantastic teamed with a modern decor.


A Close-up section of a rainbow coloured painting.

A Close-up section of “A Slice of Rainbow”


By contrast, I have experimented with some different colour palettes to create a selection of softer, pastel and muted paintings which match perfectly with french provincial, country and shaddy-chic decor and provide the perfect modern partner with antique furnishings.


Soft turquoise painting with intricate flower like cells.

Close up of a Turquoise painting ready for the exhibition.


I would love for you to join me for drinks and nibbles at the Exhibition Opening at 2pm on the 4th July 2015 at 10 Thousand Paces Gallery in Springetts Arcade, Bowral.

The exhibition will run from the 4th July to the 17th July.