About Australian Artist, Lisa Jo

Hello Gorgeous and Welcome.

I’m Lisa Jo. I’m an Australian Abstract Artist travelling around Australia in a 38ft bus (it’s a big school bus we built into a motorhome) towing a car trailer which doubles as my art studio (or should I say triples, because it is also our laundry).


It’s a bit of an adventure and your welcome to join us, in fact I’d love if you did! (just click here to find out how).

artist-in-paint2I’m a bit different to most artists. I cannot claim to have known at age three I was destined to be an artist nor have I studied at any prestigious art school. Instead I studied Agriculture; then became an Accountant; managed some Internet businesses; before giving in to a decade long burning desire to paint.

And I instantly fell in LOVE. I love the colours even before I get them on the canvas. I love the way the paint moves. I loved the way the colours merge. I Love to Paint.

And it is this joy and passion that I so want to share with everyone else. I feel so happy when I paint and I hope my paintings make you smile too.

About, Neil

Ha ha, when I told Neil I wanted him to write a bio, he pulled a face and said “about who?” knowing full well, that I meant about himself. So this is the unauthorised bio, that I’m writing for him ;-)

neil2His business card says – “Customer Service Manager; Artist’s Husband; And All Round Fix-It Guy”. This sums up the business side of it nicely.

On top of that he is a highly regarded horticulturalist; mad keen fisherman; fine woodworker; motorhome driver; and my best friend.

Oh and also my biggest FAN :-)

So once again I welcome you to our little corner of the internet. I’d love to continue to share with you my art and travel mis/adventures; the new artists and people I meet along the way (maybe it might be you); new crafts and ideas I find; and who knows what else – so let’s swap emails.

Mine is lisa-e, what is yours?