Australian artist Lisa Jo Paterson tours Australia in her bus creating Unique and original artwork. No two of her paintings are ever alike. Check out her exquisite originals, fine art reproductions and home decor wall art, ready to hang in your own home and make you smile :-)

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Natures Colours Inspires Rainbow Abstract Paintings

Colourful Abstract Painting

    What inspires me to paint bright colours and amazing patterns? To create rainbow abstract artworks?                             Things I see every day around Continue reading...

Your Guide To Sizes and Print Medium


Let Me Help You Choose The Best Size Print Just For You. Print Sizes All our Prints are designed to fit into Standard Sized Frames, what this means for you is Easy and Affordable Framing options. 8” x 10” (203 × 254 mm) Paper Print Printed with a white boarder on 11" × 14" (279 × 356 mm) paper Continue reading...

My Travel Dream – Part 1


It’s been my dream for about the past 10 years to travel around Australia. The “how” or “what” – how will we live; what will we survive on; what will we drive; what will we do – was never really discussed. It was just a dream I had to “Travel Australia”. I’m not sure when I first got the idea nor Continue reading...

Why Paint For A Smile?


I’m not an “artsy fartsy” type and you won’t find me waxing lyrically about “Juxtapositions”. Really? Why do artists even use that word? I put my hand up to admit, that I had to look it up to find out what it meant. And, just in case you now need to know too – it is the placement of two things Continue reading...